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Providing women with stylish, high quality, quick fix products has always been the basis of iconic beauty brand, ModelCo and the personal mission of Shelley Sullivan (nee Barrett) , CEO and Founder. After owning and operating one of the most highly respected model and acting management groups in Australia, representing over 1800 talent for over a decade, Shelley saw a gap in the market for innovative, dual-purpose beauty solutions for women on the go.

This vision saw Shelley create the ModelCo business from a one product dream to the international cosmetics empire it is today. As Chief Executive Officer for the brand, Shelley leads a management team across all facets of the ModelCo business including Research and Development, Retail Operations, PR and Marketing, Digital and Social Media, Finance, Customer Service and International Expansion.

Sullivan launched the first ModelCo innovation, TURBO LASHWAND Heated Eyelash Curler in 2002. In just a few months, TURBO LASHWAND had sold out worldwide and was featured in beauty editorial across the globe in publications such as VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, marie claire and InStyle.

The staggering success from just one product was the beginning of ModelCo, This product was closely followed by Shelley’s self-described “light bulb moment”, the world’s first aerosol spray-tan ModelCo TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN. Not only did TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN truly transcend convention and change the way women self-tanned, it also created a new global beauty category. An international sell out, TAN AIRBRUSH IN A CAN drew interest from some of the world’s most premium stockists and staggering success was quickly achieved.

More than a decade on, Shelley is as much a household name as ModelCo. Her brand is stocked in over 3000 stores internationally and draws attention from celebrities, makeup artists and industry experts alike. about us

“We’ve learnt that beauty doesn’t have to be hard,”

In addition to product innovation and listening to her customers, Shelley has a knack for identifying and securing the right faces and figures to represent the ModelCo brand. Her background in the modelling industry giving her the advantage to pick the faces needed to have a halo effect over the brand. The power of the ModelCo brand has attracted international celebrity ambassadors including Elle Macpherson, Dannii Minogue, Cheyenne Tozzi and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The ModelCo brand’s history is fuelled with spectacular “WOW” moments – from celebrity ambassador appearances, product launches, retail displays, fashion show spectaculars to high profile luxurious brand holidays. In August 2016 ModelCo announced its first product collaboration with Hailey Baldwin. Inspired by Hailey’s gorgeous beauty and glowing youthfulness, Shelley and Hailey worked together to create a range of Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo products that signify Hailey’s beauty look. Hailey visited Sydney, Australia for ModelCo in November 2016 to launch her Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo collection, which proved to be a complete sellout for the brand.

Hailed as one of Australia’s leading female entrepreneurs, Shelley has won a number of prestigious business awards including Ernst & Young – Young Entrepreneur of the Year and American Express Award for Fastest Growing Small Business.

“At ModelCo we like thinking outside the square, we know what products women need before they even know they need them.”

Her opinion is constantly sought out for comment in the media on business, beauty and fashion articles and Shelley is regularly profiled in the top media outlets in Australia and worldwide including Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Sydney Morning Herald, BRW, The Daily Telegraph, and more.

about usIn 2015, Shelley appeared on Australian television screens in Channel 9’s Celebrity Apprentice in the role of Advisor to Mark Bouris. Shelley brought her extensive business knowledge to the role and acted both as a mentor to contestants and the eyes and ears of Mr Bouris during Celebrity Challenge segments and Boardroom judgments.

Shelley is also a committee member of sunSCHine for Sydney Children’s Hospital and an avid supporter of the National Breast Cancer Foundation.





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