Six steps to a digital detox

Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Pinterest. WhatsApp. Text. Email. Skype. There are so many ways to connect these days, it’s not surprisingly many of us are feeling an overwhelming pressure to “keep up” with social media. And while this constant stream of information might seem beneficial, it could also be the cause of that unidentifiable stress in your life. So, how can you “switch off” without going off the grid? Follow our six steps to digital detoxing in the real world.

Bedrooms are for sleeping and doing the horizontal tango, not for Facebook updates, YouTube videos and Instagram trawling. Allocating this room as a “technology-free environment” will not only allow you precious time-out, it will also let you catch up on some much needed snoozing.

Think about what application alerts you really need and disable the rest. Having a constant stream of updates only adds to your fear of missing out (FOMO) stress and is generally unnecessary. How delicious someone’s lunch was or what their puppy looks like sleeping is definitely not of major importance in your life.

If you’re anything like us, you probably subscribe to hundreds of newsletters that you delete, ignore or use as a procrastination tool on a daily basis.  If you don’t read it (or simply don’t care), tick unsubscribe. It’s amazing how relaxed you feel without the digital clutter of an overflowing inbox.

Try to have important conversations in person or on the phone. Not only will you avoid that awful mixed communication that comes with toneless texts and emails, you might even get the answers you want in real-time   without the painful waiting game.

If you tend to check your social networks on a daily basis (go on, be honest), why not do it all in one go instead of every 10 minutes. Trust us, nothing is too important that you can’t wait to find out after work, after dinner or after you do something more enriching with your time.

When the time calls to get snap happy, why not take photos on your actual camera. That way you won’t feel the need (or have the option) to post your pics straight to Instagram, stressing over X-Pro II, Lo-Fi, or Sierra filters and writing witty captions. Uploading your images post-party will let you be in the moment, instead of in the news feed.